Mixed Adults

Karate is therapeutic. Practicing the katas (prearranged sequences of movements which include blocks, attacks, and specific stances) helps develop timing, balance, and focus. Instincts are sharpened, and willpower is strengthened. The study of Karate develops a sense of inner confidence and peace.

Front Royal Karate Club Ohio Group

Front Royal Karate Club Ohio Group

Mixed Adult Class Times

Monday & Wednesday

7:30 pm t0 9:30 pm
The Mixed Adult Class is taught by Chief Instructor Arthur Drago.

Sensei Drago teaches the traditional Okinawan Karate, which stresses working with an opponent, as opposed to competing against each other. The classes consist of stretching, weights, katas (prearranged sequences of movements), kumite, and weapons.

The Front Royal Karate Club is a no contract school. Fees are paid monthly. For more information, call (540) 635-7554 or email budokai@comcast.net.