Junior student performing a bo kata.

Junior student performing a bo kata.

The style of karate Sensei Drago teaches at the Front Royal Karate Club Dojo is particularly beneficial to a child’s development. Classes are run traditionally, with bows before and after each kata practiced, and the children learn to respect the power of the movement and each other. They also learn that Karate is a martial art, not a sport.

Junior Class Times:

11:00 – Noon—–Open time
Noon – 1:30 pm—–Beginner/Intermediate
1:30 – 3:00 pm—–Lower Advanced
3:00 – 5:00 pm—–Upper Advanced

The junior classes are taught by Chief Instructor Arthur Drago.

This program helps teach juniors to work with each other as opposed to competing against each other. The program helps with balance, timing and focus. It also enables the student to develop confidence and commitment at their own pace. For more information call (540) 635-7554 or email budokai@comcast.net.

Junior classes are for children 5 and up. The Front Royal Karate Club is a no contract school. Karate fees are month-to-month.