Sensei Drago

Ansei Ueshiro (Drago sitting at left) at the Satsuma Bushi Dojo in New York City in 1966.

Ansei Ueshiro (Drago sitting at left) at the Satsuma Bushi Dojo in New York City in 1966.

Sensei Drago Biography

Arthur Drago was born and raised in N.Y.C. A graduate of N.Y.U. in Business Administration. Mr. Drago started his Karate practice in 1964. His first instructor was Ernie Ferrara and Zenko Heshiki who were both under Ansei Ueshiro. Mr. Ueshiro was the first Okinawan to bring Shorinryu Karate Do to the States. Mr. Drago also practiced Zazen at the NY Zendo from 1965 to 1971 under the direction of Eido Roshi while doing martial arts.

In 1971 he decided to move from the “Big Apple” to Virginia where he worked on two different farms while starting a Karate class at the Emmanuel Church in Delaplane. The Karate program expanded to Warrenton in 1972, being the first Karate class taught in that town. On April 7, 1973 the Budo Kai Dojo was opened in Front Royal.

From 1972 thru 1983 he taught martial arts at the Grafton School in Berryville. In 1978, junior classes were started at St. John’s School in Warrenton and Rappahannock.

Mr. Drago has also been working with Sensei Ed Erler from Alburquerque, New Mexico since 1992 on Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) and the White Crane Forms. Since 1996, Mr. Drago has done Tai Chi with Sam Mumper at the Front Royal Dojo.

Front Royal Karate Club Dojo

Since 1982, to improve his practice Mr. Drago has been studying Karate at the Dojo of Sensei Seikichi Iha-10th Dan in Lansing, Michigan. Sensei Iha is a direct student of Katsuya Miyahira – 10th Dan who instructs the Kobobayashi root of Okinawan Shorinryu Karate (Young Forest System). The emphasis in these classes taught by Sensei Drago is stretching, conditioning, hard and soft contact on blocking and self defense techniques and balance of body movement which derives from the Katas (the foundation of Karate Movement).